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Site_feature_run Stride Rate Detection
DjRun is equiped with an advanced and adaptive stride rate detection algorithm, making use of the acceleration sensors in your phone.
  • It dynamically adapts to the way you carry your phone
  • Small disturbances won't affect a stable detection (e.g. jumping over an obstacle)
  • Runs smooth even on older phones
  • Optimized for running, but usually works for walking and other sports with steady repetitive movement (rope skipping, rowing, skating, ...)
Site_feature_play Playing Strategy
DjRun is smart and takes a lot into account when picking songs
  • Dynamic Playback Tempo makes any song match any pace, without pitch shifts (Pro version only)
  • Songs that are double or 4 times as fast or slow are also used
  • DjRun avoids repeating songs
  • DjRun can automatically change the song when the tempo doesn't match anymore, if you want it to.
  • Enable Pin Mode to manually set a target stride rate for training (Pro version only)
Song Tempo Detection Site_feature_detect
DjRun supports 3 automated methods to detect the tempo of your songs:
  • Automatic online lookup (Pro version only)
  • Reading tempo metadata from your songs (e.g. MP3's ID3 tags)
  • Analyzing the song's audio
The app is fully usable while detecting and gives an overview of the progress. If all methods fail or you don't want to wait, it is also possible to tap the tempo manually from within the song browser.
Other Features
  • Select your own playlists or let DjRun use your whole music collection (Pro version only)
  • Free of advertisement (Pro version only)
  • Control the song tempo detection process by letting it run in the background or manually stop and restart it
  • Easily skip to the next song if you want to